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Listed below are 5 signs and symptoms that

may indicate you need root canal treatment


dental pain from hot or cold liquids

You have moderate to severe lingering “toothache” pain when drinking hot liquids or eating hot foods. This pain may also be caused with cold liquids or foods.


You have pain when chewing or biting on a tooth that may also be sensitive to touch or manipulation and may be associated with slight swelling.

dental pain from biting pressure


dental pain at night

Your toothache pain wakes you up at night and you most likely feel the need to take some form of pain medication to relieve your suffering.


You have a bubble on your gum that looks like a pimple and when pressed in the region may release blood or pus. (sinus tract or fistula)


You have pain that starts at one tooth and then radiates or is referred to other regions of your upper or lower jaw, or head. A common example is a lower molar (back tooth) causing pain that refers to your ear on the same side so as to simulate an ear ache.

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