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Microscopic Dentistry

Microscopic Dentistry - Dr. Paul Kobernick

Remember this one important point -- the better your dentist can see when he or she is doing your root canal treatment, the greater the probability of the root canal treatment being successful.

Imagine if you were given a task to clean out the inside of a very thin straw, filled with debris. Bear in mind, that your objective is to clean out as much material as possible so that the straw will function properly. Any debris left inside the straw will lower your success rate. Now, if you were able to magnify and illuminate (brighten) the inside of the straw, so that you would be able to see all areas clearly, you would be able to clean the straw much better.

This holds true when a dentist uses a microscope.  The use of the microscope in dentistry allows the dentist to see things that normally would not be detected with the naked eye.

Because microscopes are very expensive, few endodontists (root canal specialists), and even fewer general dentists, are able to take advantage of this important tool while doing their work.

Dr. Paul Kobernick uses the latest in microscopic technology.

All of our examining rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art Zeiss surgical operating microscopes.  All microsurgical procedures performed involve the use of this critical tool.

Another important feature of our office is that we have implemented a video monitor that allows you to see what Dr. Kobernick sees through the microscope. By looking at a large video monitor, you, the patient, can watch the procedure (if you so choose) as it is being performed.

Our office also has the capability of taking photographs of your root canal procedure using the microscope. We forward the photographs along with the x-rays of your tooth after your root canal treatment to your general dentist. The photograph provides additional information which may be helpful to your dentist.

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